The LA Streetcar is being planned and developed in partnership with city departments, elected leaders, and regional organizations who are all committed to improving mobility, sustainability, and economic vitality in downtown Los Angeles. Below are a few of our key partners and their roles on the project team.

Office of Mayor Eric Garcetti

Office of Councilmember Kevin De Leòn 

Los Angeles City Council District 14 has been a champion of the LA Streetcar for many years. It is a centerpiece of the extremely successful Bringing Back Broadway Initiative, which seeks to restore the historic theaters, beautiful buildings, and busy sidewalks to their former glory as the center of the city’s business and entertainment district.

Los Angeles Department of Transportation (DOT)

The Department of Transportation is the lead City agency on the project, and will ultimately be responsible for operating the LA Streetcar after it is built. DOT plays an invaluable role in the planning and development of the streetcar, and by ensuring that the system meets the city’s mobility and Vision Zero safety goals.

Los Angeles Bureau of Engineering (BOE)

The Bureau of Engineering is the city’s “builder,” and it is responsible for organizing and coordinating the environmental study, engineering, and construction of the streetcar. Their work is essential for shepherding the project through the city process and ensuring that it meets all relevant codes and standards.

Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transit Authority (Metro)

Metro led the development of our Alternatives Analysis, which helped select the preferred route for the LA Streetcar. They are also the lead agency for our environmental review, managing the consultants responsible for demonstrating compliance with California Environmental Quality Act requirements.


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